Mike Krejci

Mike Krejci


A Guide to Productivity and Organization for the OCD, ADHD, Procrastinator

Windowed ViewI'm a procrastinator, for why do today what can be done tomorrow? I'm also very creative, working on a dozen projects at any time. I'm an avid reader, usually working through four books at the same time. Placing the final strokes in my masterpiece, I'm detail oriented, OCD, and change resistant. Everything must have it's place, be done in it's order, and stay that way. Any deviations and the earth will surely fly into the sun.

With all of these overactive neurons, I've been forced to develop methods for being able to keep on top of life. In the years of practicing these techniques I have occasionally been asked to share them. Did I mention I'm also lazy? So, instead of explaining each time, I'm going to put them in a written, reusable form. This blog is that result.

Being productive is about being organized and it's a very personal thing. You will have your own unique path and set of systems. Your duty, as the reader, is to decide if anything I have to offer will help you. It will be your choice of what parts you like and what parts you don't like. It is my hope that you will find a spark or two to kindle new ideas that work for you. And it is my wish that you find all your successes and .....

Oh! Squirrel! ....

Jan 04, 2020: What's This Blog All About? by Mike Krejci